watch your words, they hurt

Words are probably the most hurtful thing that anyone can say/ do to you. It’s easier to move on from someone pushing, hitting or even punching you. But its miles harder to move on from someone saying nasty things to you. They linger around for weeks, months or even years. People need to be careful of what they say as you have no idea what someone may already be going through and you could just make everything miles worse for the person.
If you don’t like something about someone keep it to yourself, they could already be insecure their body or how they aren’t smart. Lets make it clear EVERYONE and I mean everyone is smart and pretty in their own way. No one is perfect but it doesn’t matter if you aren’t the prettiest person alive as you are still pretty. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the cleverest person as well as you will have better traits than someone who is incredibly smart.

No one should be put through hell and then be left with a mental scar of everything anyone has said to them about how ugly and fat they are ect. it really impacts on there self esteem. So the next time you think about saying something nasty or hurtful DON’T say it keep it to yourself. Imagine that was you who was about to get told this nasty thing and how it would impact you. You wouldn’t like it so don’t put someone else through the pain you wouldn’t want to go through.


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